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Mobility City is the premier and one-of-a-kind mobile repair, cleaning and maintenance company for wheelchairs, power chairs, mobility scooters, lift out chairs, hospital beds, and other mobility products, which helps seniors, injured and disabled persons, young and old. We also sell quality products at competitive prices from the Mobility City website and the Mobility City Dollar Saver circular. Through our "white glove" service program, most products are delivered to your home, which includes set up and instructions for use.

We know that many people are unable and do not know how to maintain their equipment which over time progressively gets worse from constant use. That's where we come in...quality parts and service at fair prices.

Persons using a wheelchair or scooter normally accumulate dust and dirt on their equipment during their regular use and travel so having their equipment cleaned are essential and important. Renew your mobility equipment with our "Clean and Polish" program and experience that clean and fresh feeling again!

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My late husband was dependent on his mobility scooter and lift out chair during the last years of his life. One afternoon when we were living in South Florida he was coming home from the dialysis center when his mobility scooter broke down about a mile from our home in the middle of a rainstorm. After getting help from a neighbor to push his scooter back to the house, I called the company I purchased it from and learned were out of business. I began calling numerous medical equipment companies to get it repaired as quickly as possible. After six calls no one wanted to come out to the house and service his scooter; they wanted me to bring the scooter to them which, was impossible. After a week of continually calling around, I finally found a medical equipment company who was able to come to our home. The service technician identified the problem; the batteries were dead. They replaced the batteries the next day and my husband was happy, mobile and independent again!

After this terrible experience, I came to the realization there had to be a better solution. I conducted extensive research and learned that no mobile medical equipment repair service existed, I was shocked! I contacted the company that was able to help me and we teamed up together to create the most effective, the most responsive and truly affordable mobile repair and cleaning service known as Mobility City. We also realized that many people spend over twelve hours a day in their mobility equipment and it was just as important to help them clean their equipment to gain that fresh feeling again.

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By joining Mobility City as a franchise owner and becoming an integral member of our network family you will be providing our signature "Mobile Service Program" to individuals in your community which, is presently not being provided by any other company in the mobility and health care service field.

It is important to realize that many individuals who use mobility products are not able to service their own equipment either because of their own disability and/or age. Millions of individuals, adults and children alike, rely on mobility products to serve as a means for them to move about their daily lives. These individuals will rely on you and your team to keep them mobile and independent. This is where you will make the difference by providing an essential service.

The Mobility City's "Mobile Service Program" is a premier and one-of-a-kind mobile repair and cleaning service for wheelchairs, power chairs, scooters, rollating walkers, lift-out chairs, home-based hospital beds and other mobility items. More specifically, scooter users spend more than half of their day in their scooters and rely on professionally trained technicians to resolve the difficult mechanical problems because of the complexity of the equipment.

The Mobility City professional technicians play an important role in helping the disabled person maintain their quality of life by being readily available to fix the problems.

The Mobility City corporate staff has over 30 years exclusively in the mobility equipment business and continues growing, strengthening, and developing our franchise system. This is achieved by providing our franchise owners with a "mission focused" training program featuring the latest operating and state-of-the-art technology systems, marketing program, product sourcing relationships, training and education, service and repair equipment and the experience of understanding the healthcare industry all with the ultimate goal of taking care of our customers.

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"After 25 years as a Police Officer serving the public, I began looking for a new way to serve where I could once again make a difference. Mobility City is that and so much more. The Company team has taken us in as family, and together we are making a difference in people’s lives every day."
--Shane Ogle / Mobility City of East Tennessee

"We were drawn to Mobility City from the first presentation. The concept was very appealing to us, knowing we could help people in a unique way while also making a living. After learning more and meeting the owners, we were convinced. Since then, the process has gone well, including a lot a hand holding and hands-on demonstration during the training week. Thank you to the whole team at Mobility City."
--Fabrice Gorse / Mobility City of Southeast Pennsylvania



Below are manufacturers and products that we service with battery replacements and OEM parts, all with a guarantee! We will fix your product even if you didn't purchase it from us! If you purchased your product from Mobility City Brands, we will be happy to fix your unit also. Call us at (954) 771-7555 to discuss.

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